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​Houston Painting Contractor - How to Find the Best One for You

​Spring is right around the corner in Houston, and with it comes the perfect opportunity to complete that painting project you've had in mine. Whether you're looking to paint a single room or your whole home, finding the right painting contractor in Houston is key in ensuring your new coat of paint is done properly and professionally. Painting contractors may charge you a pretty penny for their services, so making sure you find the one that best fits your needs makes a whole lot of difference. [Read more ...]

Eco-Friendly Home Renovation Tips to Help Your Wallet and the Environment

One of 2016's most popular home renovation trends is the shift towards smart technologies and eco-friendliness. The "green" mindset is finding its way across modern society, especially in the household. Using environmentally-friendly materials and renovation ideologies has the power to save homeowners money while reducing their carbon footprints. With newer and green technologies appearing everyday, making the switch can result in significant savings while giving your home a look you'll love. Plus, Mother Nature will thank you for it. [Read more ...]

​Popular Houston Neighborhoods for Home Construction Projects

​The Houston area is one of the fastest growing regions in the entire country. The city's strong economy and hiring industries provide numerous enticing jobs for residents. Amidst the recent national economy slowdown, Houston kept buzzing and witnessed thousands of families moving to the area. Home construction in Houston is alive and healthy, and many of the city's popular neighborhoods are great destinations for new home construction projects. In foresight, many of the city's neighborhoods will continue to provide  [Read more ...]

New Home Renovation Trends You'll Love in 2016​

It's finally 2016, and there's never been a better time to complete that home renovation project you've had in mind for a while. But before you start seriously planning your project, are you aware of all the latest trends 2016 is bringing? Having a clear understanding of what to expect in home renovation trends this year can influence your design choices, and even save you money once it's time to begin your project. [Read more ...]

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