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Eco-Friendly Home Renovation Tips to Help Your Wallet and the Environment

One of 2016's most popular home renovation trends is the shift towards smart technologies and eco-friendliness. The "green" mindset is finding its way across modern society, especially in the household. Using environmentally-friendly materials and renovation ideologies has the power to save homeowners money while reducing their carbon footprints. With newer and green technologies appearing everyday, making the switch can result in significant savings while giving your home a look you'll love. Plus, Mother Nature will thank you for it.

Alfred's Construction and Renovation in Houston offers you these green home renovation ideas your home could benefit from while saving you a pretty penny.

1. Install the Right Insulation

One of the biggest ways you can save electricity and money is by properly insulating your home. If you've noticed your AC or heater working yet feel no significant changes in your home's temperature, take a look at your insulation. During Houston's summertime, where a functioning AC system is almost mandatory, you don't want to be throwing cool air and money out the door because your home's insulation isn't adequate enough to keep them in. High-quality and eco-friendly insulation keeps your thermostat in check and prevent any waste in spending or air.

2. Consider Solar Panels

Speaking of efficient energy management, solar panels are an excellent option for homeowners looking to reap the ultimate in long-term savings. While the upfront costs for solar panels are a drawback, the savings homeowners are set to make later down the road largely make up for it. Houston's summer and generally sunny days make solar panels a great option in the city. Solar panels are a great eco-friendly home renovation project that will reduce your carbon footprint while still providing reliable power to your house.

3. Let's Talk About Appliances

Some of the most energy-draining items in your home might just be your appliances. Many of today's new appliances come with energy-saving technologies and are becoming cheaper by the day. If you're using old appliances, consider making the switch to Energy Star® appliances or other energy-efficient appliances. Much like solar panels, upfront costs are made up for later down the road, especially in energy-savings. Plus, today's appliances are better handled to perform their tasks, from storing food to properly washing clothes.

4. Reuse and Refurbish

While completely remodeling your kitchen or bathroom or bedroom may get you excited, the price tag may dial that down a little. You can significantly add new life to any room by reusing what you already have, resurfacing it, or giving it a new coat of paint. Items like tables and cabinets are great for refurbishing and are unlikely damaged beyond repair. If you're planning on painting, consider using low voc paints that still get the job done right and being environmentally conscious.

5. Make Use of Recycled Materials

Any green home renovation project is incomplete without using recycled materials. From flooring to finishes to fabrics, using recycled materials is gives your home a unique feel while helping the environment. Most of the time, the difference in appearance between recycled and non-recycled materials is unnoticeable, but the cost-savings can be tremendous. These recycled materials feature less toxins and pollutants to contaminate your house, while using less energy.

Alfred's Construction and Renovation in Houston hopes you gained new insight on green home renovation ideas. Making the switch to green houses begins with eco-friendly home renovation projects a trusted renovation contractor like Alfred's can provide. Contact us to get your project started!


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