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Houston Home Roofing Guide

As a homeowner, you have lots to worry about regarding to your home's maintenance. Although it's easy to forget about your home's roof, taking care of it will pay off over time. During Houston's winter months, you need a reliable roof that will keep Mother Nature out. Old or damaged roofs need to be taken care of immediately, especially in regards to leaks that might further damaged your attic or interior.

Alfred's Construction and Renovation in Houston is excited to guide homeowners when it comes to maintaining their home's roof and keeping it reliable during the winter months.

Inspect Your Roof

When the weather permits, carefully make your way onto your home's roof and take a good look at any trouble area. Inspect the nails and shingles in place on your home, and look for any cracks that may cause leaks. Spray some water on your roof and locate any area where water seeps into it. If your roof wasn't installed properly the first time around, you may begin to see additional cracks and problems. Make sure you contact a trained professional contractor in the event of numerous cracks and issues.

Check Your Gutters

A common problem area leading to roof damage is the absence of cleaning out your gutters. Through the fall season and into winter, leaves and other materials will start clogging up your gutter system, and lead to potential leaks. As the water has nowhere else to go, it will be forced to idle directly on your roof and cause additional problems. Although Houston does not freeze too often during the winter months, ice buildup from especially cold days accelerates the clogging process.

Take a Look at Your Valleys

The shape of your roof plays a significant role in preventing leaks. When two roofs intersect, it is called a valley, and it is a popular area for water to accumulate to. If your shingles aren't properly secured at these intersections, water will have easy access to your home's interior. Since water redirects to valleys when sliding down your roof, it is imperative they are tight and sealed.

Scan Your Attic and Interior

A great way to look for leaks and other issues is to go into your attic and observe during rain. Look for moisture, grime or other wet areas. If you begin to see mold, then there is most likely an area of your roof that is experiencing leaking. Additionally, scan rooms on your highest floor level and locate any soggy or moldy ceiling areas.

Play It Safe

If you are comfortable making repairs to your home's roof, we suggest you use the proper equipment and safety measures to prevent any injuries or consequences. Even if you feel you are capable of making the repairs yourself, contact a professional home contractor like Alfred's and let us inspect your roof for any leaks or other problem areas. With your safety in mind, we have the right equipment and personnel to repair your home's roof and keep it healthy throughout the coming years.​

Alfred's Construction and Renovation in Houston hopes you feel confident about the health of your roof in Houston. Alfred's is a premier general contractor in Houston with years of renovating homes and repairing roofs to prevent leaks and unwanted damages. Alfred's would be thrilled to be your renovation contractor in Houston and help keep your home's roof maintained.


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