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How to Prepare Your Home Against Flooding in Houston

It's the rainy season now in Houston. As we delve into the cooler months, rainfall levels rise, significantly reducing temperatures. But too much rain can cause problems for homeowners, especially in terms of flooding. It doesn't take much rain to potentially cause water damage on your home and property. As we've recently seen in Houston, flooding can happen in a moment's notice and cause additional damage if you're unprepared.

Alfred's Construction and Renovation in Houston is happy to provide homeowners with these five tips to prepare your home in the event of potential flooding as we head into Houston's rainy season.

1. Secure Your Electronics

Before any flooding takes place, locate the important electronics on your ground floor. In the event of flooding, you won't have time to quickly and accurately find every vulnerable electric device. Large appliances like refrigerators, washers, dryers, and electric motors need to be quickly shut down using your breaker or fuse box. Speaking of breakers and fuse boxes, make sure you aren't stepping in water when shutting off electricity in your home. In the event you are already wet, it's handy to have a ground fault circuit interrupter nearby to safely shut off your home's power.

2. Move Valuable and Dangerous Materials to a Safe Location

Some items you just can't afford to lose when your home is flooding. Ensure any dangerous or hazardous materials are above water level and in a secure location. Family valuables including pictures, videos, or anything you place significantly value on should be saved too. Much like electrical devices around your home, make sure you can easily locate your valuables to protect your cherished memories in the event of a flood. Additionally, important paperwork such as tax documents, bills, insurance policies, pay slips, and any other valuable document should be kept in a safe place out of harm's way.

3. Check Your Home's Foundation

Although basements aren't commonly found in Houston homes, it's imperative to have a clear understand of the current status of your home's foundation. Check for visible cracks around your home's foundation. If you're unsure or need additional advice, you cannot go wrong by hiring a professional to give you a proper inspection of your home's foundation. If repairs need to be made, consider making the investment. Your home's foundation isn't only there to keep water out, and avoiding repairs may lead to new problems down the line.

4. Determine How Water Flows Around Your Home

Having a clear understanding of how water flows around your home is imperative too. If your house is built on an incline or hill, identify if water flows safely or gets caught in a choke point. Notice if your gutters are working properly and unblocked from debris. Also, consider adding in valves on all pipes around your home. An efficient water flow system safely redirects water away from your home. If your home is especially prone to flooding, consider adding in manual gate valves since they provide stronger seals to water entering or leaving.

5. Your Car isn't a Safe Area

Most flood deaths don't happen when people are indoors. Cars aren't prepared to handle significant flooding, and sometimes individuals may get trapped if the situation becomes serious enough. Avoid driving through flood water unless absolutely necessary. Find safe shelter and wait for the flood waters to recede before going back on the road. Plus, if your car stalls in flood water, you are risking significant damage to your vehicle's inner workings. If you do happen to drive through flood water, proceed slowly and cautiously, and avoid braking to prevent water from entering your car's exhaust.

Alfred's Construction and Renovation in Houston hopes you gained new understanding to prepare against flooding in Houston. Alfred's is a premier general contractor in Houston with years of renovating homes and providing the right foundation to reduce damage from outdoor conditions. Alfred's would be thrilled to be your renovation contractor in Houston and keep your home safe from potential damages.


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