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Kitchen Remodeling Ideas During Christmas Time

Christmas is right around the corner, and your family is getting all set up for the big day. If you're expecting loved ones and visitors to your home, you'll want to make a great impression and create a festive environment for everyone to enjoy. One of the key elements of your home you'll want to feature is your kitchen, where you'll make great new memories with the ones most cherished.

Alfred's Construction and Renovation in Houston is excited to provide you with these project ideas whenever you're getting your home ready for Christmas.


After discussing with your kitchen remodeling contractor, one of the biggest areas of focus will be your cabinets. Begin by deciding which style and color scheme you're looking for. Are you interested in a lighter color palette? Or maybe darker wood tones to bring warmth to your kitchen?

Whichever you choose, there are no wrong options. And during Christmas time, a newly remodeled kitchen can bring a whole new feel to your space.


Oftentimes forgotten, your sink is an area of your kitchen worthy of a facelift. There are a variety of options to remodel your sink. Popular options include the stainless steel or rustic look, which both add a unique feel to your kitchen.

During Christmas time, you can expect your sink to be heavily used for meals or when washing hands. If your sink is in need of repairs, don't let it break during a hectic period.


Your fridge is likely to be a popular location during Christmas time. Amidst all of the cooking and preparations, you need a reliable fridge to handle your food. Consider an energy-efficient refrigerator when making a change, especially if you need a larger unit.

You might decorate your fridge during the holidays, so make sure the attraction ​is in great working condition. If you need to make a change, take advantage of some last-minute savings.

Dinner table

One of the key social areas of your home, a kitchen remodeling project is never complete without a phenomenal dinner table. Make sure you consider how big of a table you actually need. Do you have family and friends frequently over? Or do you mainly use it as decoration?

For some, it might be a better option to buy a smaller table with an extension in case you have visitors. Especially during Christmas time, it's best to have the right size dining area to accommodate all of your guests.


During a kitchen remodeling project, your countertops serve more features than you might think. While ample countertop space is great for cooking and keeping a variety of items, you need it to be durable. Some countertops may look pleasing to the eyes, but they may not provide the stability and sturdiness you're looking for.

When you have visitors during Christmas, the right countertops can shine and make your kitchen feel warmer. Plus, with the right space, you'll be able to entertain your guests without feeling constrained.

Alfred's Construction and Renovation in Houston hopes we've helped make your kitchen remodeling project during Christmas that much easier. Alfred's is a premier general contractor in Houston with years of renovating kitchens and homes into works of art. Alfred's would be thrilled to be your kitchen remodeling contractor in Houston and help get your kitchen ready for Christmas. We invite you to contact us to to know more.


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