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New Home Renovation Trends You'll Love in 2016​

It's finally 2016, and there's never been a better time to complete that home renovation project you've had in mind for a while. But before you start seriously planning your project, are you aware of all the latest trends 2016 is bringing? Having a clear understanding of what to expect in home renovation trends this year can influence your design choices, and even save you money once it's time to begin your project.

Alfred's Construction and Renovation in Houston is here to inform you about which home renovation trends you should be familiar with as you kick off the new year and finally complete the home renovation project you deserve.

Is Your Home Smart?

While not fully mainstream in today's homes, smart technologies continue to slowly make their way into the household.​ With many homes having better access to Internet and WiFi, new applications are built to control many of the functions in your home. Tired of leaving the lights on by accident? Or do you need to turn off the AC during the cool winter months? A variety of gadgets and smartphone applications are making it easier for you to control lighting, temperature, security systems, and an increasing amount of fixtures. Plus, greater control means you can save a pretty penny.

Think Green

Saving water and electricity does more than save you money on your utility bills. With greater emphasis on environmentally-friendly home renovation trends, 2016 is bringing new technologies to the table. Energy-efficient home appliances are more popular than ever, along with water-efficient faucets, bathrooms, sprinklers, and kitchen appliances. In the long-run, installing efficient and environmentally-friendly appliances and systems save you more money than continuing to use outdated ones. And, Mother Nature will thank you for it. 

Open Space Everything

Gone are the days of cramped hallways and more rooms than you'll ever need. Although nothing is wrong with that, open space concepts continue to be a hot home renovation trend, especially in 2016. Open-space rooms have a way of bringing new life to your home​. A reliable home renovation contractor can take down walls between adjoining rooms to create these open spaces. Some of the most popular concepts include open-space kitchens and dining room, large living room areas with lots of window space, and open-space bathrooms. 

New Color Arrangements

Every year, new colors become trendy choices for home renovation projects. In 2016, classic colors and decorations continue to be very popular. Combinations of white and warm colors will be trendy choices for home renovators, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. However, shades of green and blue are projected to be popular as well, as these cool color palettes ​bring a relaxed feel to any room. While changing room colors can be exciting, don't forget that the colors you choose should fit with your furniture and appliances, unless you plan on changing those too. 

Showcase Your Personality

Home renovation projects are exciting, especially if you've been looking forward to yours for a long time. ​With that said, you don't need to add luxurious features at every opportunity, especially if it doesn't reflect your personal tastes. Sometimes simple and inexpensive changes to your home can bring a while new feel and still had great resale value you're looking for. Additionally, if you're looking more at adding value to your home, following classic looks and colors are great ways to add value while still making your home look unique and trendy. 

Alfred's Construction and Renovation in Houston hopes this list of home renovation trends for 2016 can guide you in your next project. Alfred's is a premier general contractor in Houston with years of renovating homes and other properties based on your exact specifications. We would be thrilled to be your home renovation contractor in Houston and upgrade your home's look and feel.Contact us to get started!


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