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Spruce Up Your Home with These Houston Painting Tips

A home has the power to be an extension of you or your family. Adding a sense of personality to a home might be challenging for some, but with the right painting contractor, painting your home's interior and exterior has never been easier. Plus, painting services from a trusted contractor protects your home and investment from any exterior damages or internal ones. [Read more ...]

What You Need to Know When ​Flipping Houses in Houston

The art of "flipping houses," meaning buying a home, renovating, and selling it, is a great way for investors to make a profit. However, not every project turns into a great investment. Thankfully, the booming housing market in Houston is one of the best in the country - and presents excellent opportunities for investors looking to make profit. [Read more ...]

5 Easy Office Renovation Projects Any Company Can Do

Home renovation is a popular way to spruce up your property and create what you've always wanted. However, offices and other commercial buildings need some attention too. Finding the perfect office renovation is the first step in turning your vision to reality. Alfred's Construction and Renovation in Houston is excited to offer you a few easy ways to renovate your office building and create a workplace everyone will be thrilled to be in. [Read more ...]

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