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​Useful Winter-Proofing Tips for Your Houston Home

​December is finally here, and that means Houston is finally seeing some cooler weather. And with it come some weather conditions your home hasn't seen it a while. Taking the right measures to winter-proof your Houston home is imperative managing your utility bills and preventing costly damages. Thankfully, a few minor fixes and changes to your home may be enough to make it last the winter months.

Alfred's Construction and Renovation in Houston is excited to provide home winter-proofing tips for homeowners as the holiday season begins.

Look Out for Gaps and Cracks

With cooler outside air and stronger rains, you should take the time to inspect your home for any cracks or gaps. Cool air always seems to find its way into your home, which can significantly increase your heating bills if the opening remains open. Take a look at your foundation from the outside and treat any problem areas on the spot. Purchasing some expandable foam or caulk can usually do the trick in closing up those gaps. Inside your home, glance at your attic, windows and doors for any gaps as well. Winter-proofing your windows and doors can make a significant difference considering they allow cool air in whenever you open them.

Invest in Better Windows and Doors

Speaking of doors and windows, if sealing them up doesn't do the trick or they are simply outdated, consider changing them up. Your utility bills can be significantly higher if you have inefficient windows and doors in place. Consider energy-efficient offerings from your favorite manufacturer as these keep cooler air out while keeping warm air in. They save your home lots on energy bills and give your home a fresh new look.

Check the Piping Outside Your Home  ​

Lots of homes have exposed piping on the perimeter. When the winter months arrive, freezing temperatures can cause some of these to burst and create a nightmare situation for homeowners. Wrap your piping with heating tape, bubble wrap, or foam to make sure your pipes stay insulated and shielded against cold temperatures. Additionally, ​this is another section of your home you should inspect for cracks and seals, as those tend to appear during cooler seasons.

Maintain Your Trees and Bushes

Another step ​during your home winter preparations is cleaning up your trees and outdoor life. Although Houston doesn't consistently experience icy temperatures and snow, the right mix of rain and freezing temperatures can weaken your trees and damage branches. Keeping your tree life trimmed and maintained reduces chances of branches breaking off and damaging your home. Additionally, these can cause buildup within your gutter and drainage systems, leading to water overflow and leakage issues.

Monitor Your Thermostat and Heating System

During the Houston winter months, you're unlikely to keep your AC running like it's the summer. Keep your thermostat running in the mid-to-upper 60s. If you keep it any cooler, especially when you're not at home, your heating system will work harder to get your home's temperature back to a comfortable level due to the cooler outdoor temperatures. Also, make sure your heating system is inspected and up-to-date to repair any damages and ensure they're working.

Alfred's Construction and Renovation in Houston hopes you we've helped making your home winter preparation that much simpler. Alfred's is a premier general contractor in Houston with years of renovating homes and creating living environments you'll enjoy. Alfred's would be thrilled to be your renovation contractor in Houston and help get your home ready for winter and the holidays. We invite you to contact us to to know more.


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