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Building Contractor

Alfred's Construction | Building Contractor Services

At Alfred's Construction and Renovation, we offer numerous building restoration, renovation and remodeling services in Houston and Austin. We are a knowledgeable building contractor that can get the job done for you.


Does your building need Alfred's expert restoration contractors and guidance? The outside elements take a toll on your building's look and functionality. Alfred's building restoration services take proper care of your building and ensure deterioration, water leaks, and joint sealants cause you no more problems. Alfred's wants to make sure your building looks brand new without being new.


If your building needs any sort of renovations, look no further than Alfred's Construction and Renovation in Houston and Austin. We are experts at renovating any type of building, ranging from general commercial buildings, apartments, offices, and many others. Our expert contractors know you expect nothing less than perfection, and they are ready to tackle any building renovation job in Houston and Austin.


Let the experts at Alfred's Construction and Renovation in Houston and Austin develop a plan to remodel your commercial building. Our creative staff know how to design a commercial building ripe with originality and strong in foundation. We make sure to deliver on every necessity your building needs, and we encourage you to take a look at our previous projects to see how Alfred's is the true leader in Houston building remodeling.

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