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Summertime Residential Remodeling Projects

Summertime is here, and although going on vacation to a tropical setting sounds great, remodeling your home can breathe new life and make you feel like you're on vacation. Summertime is the perfect opportunity to tackle the residential remodeling projects on your list.

Alfred's Construction and Renovation in Houston and Austin offers a few ideas on your home remodeling projects that will make you feel like you're on vacation year round.

1. It's time to remodel your kitchen

Escape the summertime heat by remodeling your kitchen into what you've always desired. Your kitchen is a great gathering area for your family, and making only a few minor investments can change it for the better. Not only does a kitchen remodeling project look and feel great, it's a valuable investment sure to pay dividends later down the road. Adding in energy-efficient appliances also reduce your greater summertime electricity costs all while increasing your home's value.

2. Adding energy-efficient windows

It's easy to forget the importance windows have on your home. However, windows play a critical role when it comes to saving energy and keeping your home cool. Outdated windows lack the energy-efficiency capabilities of new windows. Not only do new windows keep your home cooler and save you money, they create an open-feeling your whole family can enjoy. Overall, adding new windows keep your home comfortable, efficient and modern. And let's not forget significantly increasing your home's value.

3. Replacing old drains and gutters

Houston is known to receive heavy rainfall during the summertime, putting strain on your home's drains and gutters. Even worse, flooding can occur if your drainage system isn't up to par. Home remodelers can't avoid leaving in outdated drains and gutters. Properly positioning your drainage is crucial in avoiding flooding and additional damages. Your drains and gutters are also needed to handle the debris from heavy rainfall. Modern drainage and gutter systems are built to handle the worst heavy rainfall can give it.

4. Decks and backyard projects

Enjoying a nice, sunny day on a newly remodeled deck is a great way to spend time outside in the summer. Newly-remodeled deck areas are perfect for family events, parties or other group activities. It's also a perfect place to relax whenever you like. Adding in a new deck is an extension of your home where memories are created. Not only does a deck remodeling project look great, it's a worthy investment every homeowner should be aware of. A newly remodeled deck area compliments any other feature in your backyard, including your pool and garden.

5. Transform your garage

Garages are another great way to maximize the space in your home. Turn that empty corner into a workshop or maybe a play area for your kids. The possibilities are endless with garage remodeling. To combat the summertime heat, consider adding heat-insulation materials to reduce the temperature in your garage. Remodeling your garage apartment to serve another purpose also adds extra livable space. Consider turning your garage apartment into a new office, storage area, or extra bedroom.

Alfred's Construction and Renovation hopes you learned something new when it comes to summertime residential remodeling. Unlike other home remodelers in the Houston area, Alfred's is fully prepared to take on any residential remodeling project. Summertime is the best time to remodel your home, and Alfred's Construction and Renovation would be thrilled to turn your home into what you've always desired. We invite you to Contact Us to begin your summertime remodeling projects.  


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